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March 4, 2014

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Kansas City’s Alice Sweet Alice was asked by former Faith No More front man Chuck Mosley to back him this coming Friday night at the Emporia Granada Theater in Emporia, Kansas.  Alice Sweet Alice will play just prior to Chuck Mosley and then will return to play with Chuck to finish out his set for the evening.

Alice Sweet Alice front man, Scott Martinez states, “This is a really cool opportunity for myself in particular. Chuck and I both played in the San Francisco bay area back in the ‘80’s, in fact, Faith No More and my 80’s band “Autumn Cathedral” shared quite a few lists together back in the day, including “Top 10 Albums of 1989” voted by readers of San Jose’s Metro magazine.  So for me, this is kind of like going full circle with my career.  It will be good to play with somebody from back home and where I came up.”

After Friday’s show, Alice Sweet Alice will travel to Austin Texas to play during SXSW on March 12th with the Red Gorilla Music Festival.  Chuck Mosley will continue with the remaining dates of his tour, ending in Detroit, Michigan March 15th.

American Punk & Hard Rock Icon Chuck Mosley takes the Emporia Granada stage on Friday March 7th at 8pm. Chuck took over as lead singer for Faith No More in 1985 after the departure of Courtney Love (who left to star in the Sex Pistol’s Sid Vicious Bio-pic, Sid & Nancy) and recorded their first two albums, We Care A Lot (1985) & Introduce Yourself (1987). Chuck then went on to front Bad Brains, widely regarded as one of the original pioneers of Hardcore Punk music. Chuck Mosley & The VUA take the stage at 8pm on Friday March 7th at 8pm. Tickets will be $10 in advance and $15 at the door and are available at the Granada Coffee Co. and Theatre Box office. 

Alice Sweet Alice is a rock band on the rise, rubbing elbows with bands such as “Adrenaline Mob”, the legendary Chicago group “Pezband” and “Nothing More” — playing to crowds all over the center of the US since 2012, and is a top seller in Europe through their Bulgarian distributor, AMAdea Records.

For more information about Chuck Mosley, please visit  For more information about Alice Sweet Alice, please visit their website:

Alice Sweet Alice is available for interviews. Please contact Samantha Curtis, ASA PR Rep at Cauldron Soundwerx Productions: or 816-516-6007 to set up a time that is convenient.

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Technorati Claim Token

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ASA is trying to get our blog listed on Technorati.  Our claim token is:  FPKR6QRNH4FJ 

The Voting Game

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It seems like it happens every day just about – that not only are WE asked to vote for one thing or another by one person or another, but there are opportunities that are constantly presented to us as a band – that require participation from our fans in the form of voting.

I am not sure what has spawned this trend, and there are probably as many reasons by the organizers – from the purely selfish to the downright magnanimous – that it would be futile to try and find out any sort of common root cause.

One thing that I DO know, is that as an internet CONSUMER, it is sometimes overwhelming to be asked to vote for things constantly, one after the other, on a daily basis.  Sometimes being asked to vote more than 1x per day, or 1x per hour or that sort of thing – like we are just sitting here in front of the computer with our sole purpose in life being to help people win contests.

Certainly, my band has asked for help too.  Most successfully for the A2 Festival contest last year in Ann Arbor, where we took first place and received not only a feature article in a very popular internet magazine (Rock Revolt), but a $500 payday.  But to get those votes was very time-consuming work, which seemed to never end.  Again, it paid off, but I wonder how many enemies we made or people we totally turned off as a result?  It was brutal and tiring from our side, and I imagine it became quite annoying from the perspective of our audience.  Even though we “WON” the contest, which we are grateful for, I wonder about “THE COST?” And what does it really say about the winner? Was the contest won based upon their talent and creativity? No, just popularity, and in today’s world of music, popularity is certainly not a good gauge of what I want to be listening to. Besides, many of the bands that are worth listening to, are busting ass working on their careers in some form or another – songwriting, rehearsing, performing and paying attention to the minutiae of their “business”, and NOT sitting in front of a computer begging for votes. Think about it.

I wonder how truly worth it – it really is for bands to participate in these types of things all the time?  I don’t know, but in putting myself in the receiving position – I do know that it can be totally annoying.  I get that.

So does that mean we’ll still ask for a vote every now and again?  Probably.  But when Alice Sweet Alice asks for a vote in the future, you can be assured that it will be for something that would be a REAL help to us as a band.  We promise not to ask or join every endeavor to get some review, or music placement, or airplay, or award, or any of the other opportunities that are out there in the world.  We have worked too hard to gain your trust and ears, and we don’t want to turn you off for something as fleeting as that.

So, I apologize in advance for that time in the future when we WILL ask for your vote, but again we promise it will be for something extremely important, something that will help advance us to the point where we can become closer to you by becoming more successful through visibility or audibility or simply getting us closer to you on the road.

Until then, if you happen to see something and want to nominate Alice Sweet Alice or vote for us or any of our members or whatever – we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  We will accept all accolades and assistance you have the compulsion and desire to give – and we will be grateful for it.  But we will not ask it from you, nor EXPECT your participation. Again, only when it is very important.

As long as you keep listening to our music, sending us love letters, and telling your friends about us, we feel like the luckiest band in the world.  Thank you for your support, past and present, and sorry for the voting business.  It annoys us too.  We get it.   

PS, we have 1 or 2 contests currently on our Facebook page. If you happen to bump into one and feel compelled to vote, than we are grateful. But just save the effort (and build up your patience) for the “big cahoona” contest. We’ll definitely need it then! ;)




Alice 102, the Kansas City station with the Moniker “It’s All About The Music” is gone as of today, and I couldn’t be more disappointed.  In listening to the new station this morning, it really doesn’t seem to be very different.  In fact, from what I can tell, it could even be a station that – through flipping – I might even rest upon for a time, from time to time.  What I think will be most missed, by myself in particular, is the fact that the station will no longer play local music.

The story begins with my band Alice Sweet Alice and Alice 102, back in 2011.  I was in the process of being a pain in the ass to radio stations, something I’m pretty good at with many marketing outlets for music, and of course – getting nowhere. My thoughts behind the process is this: “I have nothing to lose”.  The likelihood of getting on commercial radio, for most independent artists, is remote to none —  so, it’s almost a sick perversion of mine to try and (hopefully) at least get wheels spinning down at these conglomerates.  Pissing people off down at these places is not the intent, but becomes half the fun.

One KC station in particular (who shall remain nameless because it isn’t really important), had a Program Director with an especially exceptional and snotty excuse for not playing Alice Sweet Alice.  “(This station) cannot play a band with a name that is similar to a competitor in the market.  Why don’t you try them?”  This was obviously a reference to Alice 102, a station that I really knew nothing about, in fact, I hadn’t even heard of it, as it was still relatively new (especially to me) at the time.

Being the exceptionally stubborn person I am, I said out loud “well, OK, I will then (expletive)”, and proceeded to draft an email to the general email box of Alice 102, briefly stating my usual spiel and the comments of their competitor.

Amazingly, I got a very simple and curt response from Thom McGinty, one of the DJ’s running the station.  “Sure, I’ll take a listen”.  This totally floored me, and so I sent him one of Alice Sweet Alice’s recordings (I forget which now), and to make a long story short, through our conversations – telling me about Alice 102’s intent to start up a local music program at the station, and that Alice Sweet Alice would be the premier band on this program – well, to say that I was hopeful, is a complete understatement.  Thom also asked me about other local bands and I immediately thought of my friend and associate Paul Chandler, who heretofore had been running a great internet station dedicated to local music called “Kansas City Local Artists” (a station still running by the way).  I told Thom about Paul, and eventually Paul started working down at Alice 102 and again – to make a long story short – the local program began by playing Alice Sweet Alice’s “Full Circle” that very first broadcast of “Local Edition”, which aired EVERY weeknight at 6:00PM.  Incredible for a commercial station to do that for local artists!

For the two consecutive years following the start of this program, Alice 102 had Alice Sweet Alice play on their St. Patrick’s Day float as well, an incredible honor and testament to the integrity and benevolence of Mr. McGinty who, through our earliest conversations, mentioned that Alice Sweet Alice would become one of the “favorite bands” of the station.

I am the stepson of a career disc jockey based in the San Francisco bay area (where I grew up), by the name of Don Potter, and experienced his ups and downs with the commercial radio world.  I have seen it change from the days where DJ’s just about had free reign to play what they wanted, to the days of corporate ownership and very limited control.  This is the main reason why I was so amazed at what Alice 102 was doing here in the local Kansas City market.  It just DOESN’T happen in this day and age, and the service that Alice 102 did for – NOT ONLY local musicians – but for Kansas City residents was simply awesome.  I mention Kansas City residents, because, as consumers of music – local people love to hear bands from their local market.  It is increasingly difficult to get people to leave the comforts of their homes and smartphones these days with the proliferation of “instant gratification” in the form of digital media (music videos, instant album downloads, etc.), so to have such a wonderful outlet for local bands to connect with locals was just an incredible resource and service for a station to offer.

I want to state firmly here that I know, being the stepson of a radio professional, that I KNOW this new development isn’t the fault of the employees of the station.  In fact, I have nothing but gratitude, respect, and love for Thom McGinty, Paul Chandler and everyone else who worked so diligently, selflessly, and generously for local music.  I am deeply honored to have been part of this brief and rare development for local music, especially since my band was part of the catalyst for the development, and in some offhanded way — partly responsible for helping put the program together by my matchmaking (mentioned to me by Mr. Chandler on many occasions.)

So life moves on, and I will miss that particular opportunity here at home and I guess I’m just venting.  I’m not angry or mad at anyone, but simply disappointed. 

I sincerely wish the best for the new station “KC 102” and all of the employees working there.  I hope this move becomes a successful one for not only the station, but for the employees – creating excellent job security and perhaps even some great local events and opportunities for listeners and all Kansas City locals.  Who knows?  Maybe in future there will be something for local bands? 

All I know is this, sometimes being a pain in the ass pays off, and I firmly believe in “Power Of The People”.  Despite the opinions of those that sort of know me, I’m an incurable optimist (hence my statement above).  If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t get up every day and send annoying messages to people in hopes of getting traction in the world.  So my “optimistic” hope is this:  maybe if enough people make their opinions heard about the matter of local music on local commercial stations — change may occur.  Until then – local Kansas City musicians have the benefit of support from 90.1 KKFI – by no means a “secondary” or “backup” resource, but just a member-owned station with more freedom (and a powerful 100K Watt transmitter).  Of course, internet radio is another invaluable resource for small bands and musicians like me.

So, R.I.P. Alice 102.  A sincere THANK YOU for everything.  I really mean that.  But, I won’t let the door hit me on the way out. There are a few more fish to fry.

Scott Martinez




We are NOT alone – WITH YOU

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I was just sitting here reflecting on the upcoming year, and am truly amazed at what a little band like ours can accomplish – and what we HAVE accomplished – simply with the support of our fans.

This new paradigm of a music industry would have been INCONCEIVABLE 20 years ago.  I know!  I had a record contract back in the late 1980′s.  But us bands NEEDED that type of thing to get our message out to the world.  We needed all of the corporate entities to get our music to you – whether it be making records or sometimes even playing decent shows.

The internet is an amazing thing, and despite what it has done to record sales, it has really evened the playing field for independent artists.  Certainly, it has clogged up the soundscape with those who sometimes – let’s say – need to let their talent develop; and from a consumer standpoint, it has created a bit of being overwhelmed with choices.

But the most amazing thing, from a band perspective, is that even without local support, without a record company, and without a huge budget – a band like ours can start to breakout and achieve what we have achieved.  Of course, we have busted ass 24/7 and just continue to try and write compelling material that doesn’t suck.  That isn’t always an easy task – because we DON’T have a team behind us to help with everything – and we’re NOT perfect by any means.  Hard work pays off, and we certainly try to get better at what we do every time we play our instruments.

These days, all a band needs is their fans.  Even if everyone in the world hated us – with a strong fanbase, together WE are strong and can achieve anything and go anywhere.  This is why Alice Sweet Alice loves our fans so much – because YOU make all we do possible.  Your support in all its forms, in your grassroots efforts of promotion, in your daily interaction and positive feedback, and your financial — is cherished and needed and completes us.  We plan on making you very proud of us this year, and for years to come.  We are working to create new, exciting material and are working to come to cities that we have never been – to perform for you, and meet you face-to-face.

Please continue to have our backs, and watch what happens as a result.  Every seemingly little effort on EACH person’s part, makes such a huge difference.  We are truly turning into a family, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

As a final note, please make sure you visit our new website if you haven’t already!  ( We are trying to make it very easy to get information about what’s happening – check out the “FAN” page, there are regional fan sites for Facebook and other social media sites that are updated frequently by US and our #ASAarmy Captains.  These sites will be used ESPECIALLY when we travel to those regions, so if you are near or IN one of those areas – please join (and make sure you FOLLOW so you see everything in your news feed).  That way, you will be sure you get information that pertains especially to you.

And as always, the invitation is always open to contact us – for whatever reason.  We love to hear from you.

Thanks from all of us in Alice Sweet Alice!!  Just watch us in 2014!!



Scott Discusses his Bass Rig for 2014

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I’ve really been focusing on dialing in my bass rig for the 2014 touring season. I have totally set up & modded my main basses — Fender P-bass, Squier (Standard) Jazz Bass (with new Fender electronics), and Dean Edge 5 string (with Bartolini pups) – and have them all fitted with my endorsee strings by MJC Iron Works.

I have also gotten my Ampeg BA-115 dialed and am moving to complete pedal boardeffects, including a new Aphex Bass Xciter, TC Electronic Nova Dual Compressor/Noise Gate, my Electro-Harmonix pedals: Bass Big Muff Pi, Bassballs, Small Clone, #1 Echo, Micro Pog (along with my Korg Pitchblack Tuner and Ernie Ball Volume Pedal).

I’ve also learned how to install pots (soldering), and fix the action, intonation and just all the setup goodies. I’m good for the road and should be sounding better than ever. I’ve never put this much work, time, thought and effort into my rig for playing live. It’s about time. 

With a new suite of songs cooking in the Alice Sweet Alice kitchen, I’m starting to get VERY excited about this year’s touring season. Now, to get a tow hitch mounted on the ASA Tour Van. We’ll be bringing help this time!

Honored to be among those....

who have spoken with the famous Tony Bongiovi. The attached photo is a picture of my phone’s caller ID after I got off the phone. Mr. Bongiovi spoke to me a year ago during writing sessions for “Ribbons & Stone”. We used his advice in constructing some of our songs and really think he helped us in many ways. I was reading an article from Pro Audio Review, discussing the original Pultec EQ’s, and the history behind. The final paragraph brought my own experience with Bongiovi to mind:

….”one interesting footnote from the end of the Pultec saga: After halting productin in 1981, Gene Shenk got a call from Tony Bongiovi of NYC’s Power Station> Bongiovi wanted some Pultecs but Shenk told them he wasn’t making them any more. Bongiovi was insistent, but Shenk refused to gear up for a small order. When Bongiovi told Shenk he wanted at least 75 EQs (!), Shenk decided it was worth his while. That final production run netted 24 units (mostly EQP-1A3s) for each of Power Station’s three control rooms. (As of 2013, there are still eight Pultecs in each control rom, according to engineer Jim Anderson.)”

I can, from personal experience, relate to how persuasive Mr. Bongiovi can be. Alice Sweet Alice’s songs became much more concise and focused due to his advice – we went from an average of 4-5 minutes to 3-4 minutes per song. For that, we thank him. :)

Click the photo to hear samples of some of what he inspired:

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