Kansas City, Missouri USA

February 25, 2015

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HEADLINE: Alice Sweet Alice hits National Top Ten Radio Airplay in USA

with New Members & New Beginnings



Kansas City’s own Alice Sweet Alice has been pounding the USA airwaves with, what is quickly becoming their first hit song “M.I.A”, from their 2013 album “Ribbons & Stone” – currently enjoying the #4 slot in national airplay, surrounded by contemporaries such as Foo Fighters, Papa Roach, Three Days Grace, and AC/DC.  This development coincides with the band hiring a completely new lineup – other than founding members Scott Martinez (Bass Guitar/Vocals) and Ali Kat (Lead Vocals/Piano)

Alice Sweet Alice front man, Scott Martinez states, “Better late than never!  The middle to the end of 2014 was devastating for me personally losing my Father to Cancer, and during that time, Alice Sweet Alice’s members realized that we had reached the zenith of our present association.  Shortly after burying my father in late 2014, we were approached by Star 1 Records – A subsidiary of Universal, INGrooves, and a close partner of MTV – who then decided to release “M.I.A.” as an introductory single in the USA and overseas to start.  We were quickly, and pleasantly surprised to see it jump so quickly to the top of the charts, and it keeps climbing!”

From late 2014 to present, Alice Sweet Alice collaborated with new musicians on new material, and it quickly became apparent that new partnerships would result.  Alice Sweet Alice is a larger, more powerful band – with lead vocalist Ali Kat moving from behind the keys to up front and center – and with not one, but TWO powerful guitarists by the names of Ryan Shaddix and Timothy Flanery.  On keys is a talented piano and violin playing prodigy by the name of Natalya Wren who will also be contributing background vocals.  Last but not least, a teenager on drums by the name of Chris Poje, who is something of an idiot savant on the drum throne.

Martinez further states, “the chemistry is just incredible between all of our new members, and we will be releasing new material in April 2015 and officially debuting our new membership to the world.  The fact that we have had recent success on radio is extremely encouraging.  Through our label Star 1 Records, who recently partnered with TNT Management and Booking Agency, live dates will surely follow.

For more information about Alice Sweet Alice, please visit their website:

Alice Sweet Alice is available for interviews. Please contact Samantha Curtis, ASA PR Rep at Cauldron Soundwerx Productions: or 816-516-6007 to set up a time that is convenient.

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Alice Sweet Alice’s Collaboration Series

Posted: October 23, 2014 by Scott Martinez in Uncategorized

I am taking care of my Father during the last days of his life.  This experience has reinforced the notion that life is short, and that I am not getting any younger.  Why does this relate to this new “Collaboration Series?”  This is why.

Alice Sweet Alice has been rocking together, the lineup of Scott Martinez, Ali Kat, Ron Bales and Billy Brown since late 2010.  This lineup produced some really great music, music that I believe that all members can always be proud of.  But as the band leader, I found myself wanting more.  Something different – something without constraints.  Something that didn’t necessarily take others’ tastes, desires, needs and wants into account.  These others include radio, magazines, record companies, the music industry, and even our fans.

Fundamentally, I have always created music for myself – as many artists do.  MUSICIANS on the other hand, are not ALL artists.  The best art is sometimes created from a place that is not comfortable.  Over the past few years, we have listened to many people, including Artist Management companies, and I think I started compromising my initial ideals about creating music – to be able to “compete” in the industry.  During this process, especially over the past year or so, Alice Sweet Alice became “comfortable”, and as a result, I decided to open it up for collaboration – to get the creative juices flowing.  Some of the members decided to go their separate ways – with no animosity, and that is fine.  One will possibly continue to collaborate and the other will likely not.

What I hope to achieve by this, is to go back to creating music that I love.  The music might not ever see the light of day, some of it might end up on the stage, and some of it might actually go somewhere.  I don’t know – but I’m not going to focus on that.  As far as collaborators are concerned, if some of them want to continue to work under the ASA banner, we will cross that bridge when and if it happens.

I decided, that in this “NEW” music industry, the changes and likelihood of actually “MAKING IT” (whatever your definition of that might be), is highly unlikely.  But does that matter to me?  Fundamentally NO.  I feel like I have much that many musicians on the road wish that they had – and I have the opportunity now to forget all that and make – with other passionate souls – some of the best music of my life.

“Sit With Me”, the first song from this series is released on October 24th,  I composed this song during an especially difficult time with my father, who is terminally ill, and it came from a real place of pain and melancholy.  I am in Northern California, and the town where I live there are many more homeless people than I remember being in this area from 10 years ago – when I previously lived in the area.  I started thinking of my own battle with alcohol, and how close I came to the same fate, and imagined what that could have been like.  I started thinking of my “geographic cures” of moving from place to place around the country – like a gypsy, and realized that in some ways, I have been homeless for a long time.  Switching places looking for a new start at life.  So the gypsy theme plays strong within the song, as do the lyrics and story.

When I first got to California, I was in dire need of setting up a home studio, and I went on Craigslist to find some studio monitors.  An artist by the name of Taylor Aglipay had a pair, and so he and I met that way.  I looked him up on Bandcamp and liked what he did.  We resolved to collaborate, and “Sit With Me” is the result.  Totally created from an inspired, organic place, without any thought or regard to anything but making it come to life.

I went out on a limb creating this song, and I really love it.  It is different from anything than I have ever done.  I may or may not create something like it again, but who knows?  I had a lot of fun, and that’s the whole point.  I hope some of ASA’s fans like it but if you don’t, that is OK.  I will love you anyway, and I’m sure we will create something you will love and recognize stylistically in the not so distant future. Remember, I created this for me. If you want to take a listen to it – watch over the next 24 hours for the announcement and link.

Thanks for reading.

Scott, Alice Sweet Alice


here is the link to the song:

ASA Poetry – WOODEN CHAIR – Scott Martinez

Posted: September 20, 2014 by Scott Martinez in Uncategorized


Sense of isolation – so difficult to bear

As I sit here thinking in my old wooden chair

As a man I’m imperfect – I’ve long accepted that plight

I’ve given up smugness, and always being right

My life in front of me, hindered by hindsight

Fearing regression, and remembering blindsides

So thirsty for progression, and dreading setbacks – I continue searching for something

And trying never to look back.

So I sit here thinking, in my old wooden chair

Of me sitting here thinking, and of others sitting somewhere

I think of the courage it has taken – to remember the struggles and pain

I pray for more courage – to endure them again.

I think of my journey, I think of the miles.

I think of the lessons I learned all the while.

I remember the tears, I remember the fights

– I remember my meanness, and still wish I could set it right.

So today sitting here, in this old wooden chair,

I’m grateful for humility, and for those that were always there.

I can’t say that I’m perfect, or smarter – but yet I’m still standing tall

I continue to fight – though at times I’m tired and crawl

And I’m grateful for that, on this day sitting somewhere,

Thinking my own thoughts

In this old wooden chair

ASA Poetry – Driftwood – Scott Martinez

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I began my life a regal tree in a land without a name
A place not touched by measured time – except for seasons it stayed the same.
But then one day a storm it came and tore me from my place.
I lept and lurched and fell to the sea which surrounded my life-long space.

And the water licked and the waves they kicked and threw me towards the shore.
The rocks they bit and tore and smashed till I was a tree no more.

So now I travel, my various bits to exotic and foreign lands.
From shores with forests to shores with ice to shores with burning sands.

I’ve met others during my years at sea, with different intriguing claims.
The tales they tell are varied and strange, and some of those drifters have names.

I met a piece from an English ship, captured by pirates and sank.
Another chunk with iron and sights was a gun that had robbed a bank.
A piece from a cypress bough was used as a nest for an albatross.
While a haughty piece from the Middle East claimed it was a relic of the True Cross.

No matter what or where we’ve been we share similar ends and fates
Some ride the whirlpools and never progress, staying close to their original place.
Some ride the waves anywhere they’ll go, and cross any sea they face.
Others bob and float and enjoy the sun and are content with avoiding the race.
Others float alone until they tire and find themselves on a deserted beach
And others land until waves take them again – indefinitely out of reach.
One thing is certain about my vagabond life is that there’s never a dull time or place
I’ll continue to ride the waves until someone grabs me and nails me in place.

(Revision) Alice Sweet Alice – Ribbons and Stone

Posted: May 5, 2014 by Scott Martinez in Uncategorized

What a great review!

Head-Banger Reviews

20140504-180207.jpg  I figured that since my list of albums to review has run dry, I might as well redo past reviews that I’ve done before the creation of the website so that the reviews can be properly done this time with more detail and description (pretty sure those have the same meaning). And I also figured what better band to do than Alice Sweet Alice, whom I’ve had contacted several times within the last few weeks. During this time we’ve exchanged information about their music, especially since I had the desire to post up their album “Ribbons and Stone” on YouTube as to further spread their music which I’ve enjoyed since I first heard it. But since the band only wanted me to provide their singles at full length, I put the rest of the songs from that album in 30-40 sec samples, but they can still give a person a…

View original post 486 more words

Alice Sweet Alice (ASA) is VERY excited about this new chapter we are beginning, especially for reaching out to our INTERNATIONAL AUDIENCE!

On Sunday, May 11th at 12:00 NOON CST (USA time), ASA will broadcast LIVE for the first time from our recording studio and play for 30 minutes, perhaps more. During the show, we will talk to audience members. During the show, you will have an opportunity to TIP the band, for your chance at winning prizes!! Prizes will include:

1) your choice of ONE complete ASA album to download, out of the 4 full albums we have: Ribbons & Stone, Mandala, Moloko & Ultraviolence, and First Light

2) A private one-on-one SKYPE session with your favorite band member!

3) You get to help write the set list for the NEXT StageIt Broadcast!

(and we are coming up with more.)

All YOU need to do, is sign up for a FREE account at:, and then visit ASA’s page. You will find this show link there:

    There are a LIMITED SUPPLY of tickets for this show!!!

Please get yours ASAP if you want to attend. We are keeping it small due to the fact that we may be working out some kinks. We will use the feedback from our audiences for future broadcasts. So this is your way to get involved with the process! Also for this fact, this show is only $1. Future shows will cost more for a ticket, more like seeing a band out in a club – except you won’t have to drive all the way downtown, fight for parking, and buy expensive drinks at the venue. You can sit at home, or a place of your choice, and watch the show on your LAPTOP, SMARTPHONE, TABLET or iPHONE/Apple Devices.

Each show will NEVER be rebroadcast/recorded. In other words, it is truly a live, once-in-a-lifetime event. We may even take requests during the show to TOP TIPPERS! All this talk about tipping does not mean tipping is a requirement, only if you want to. The only thing that is required, is that you tune in and watch! :)

This way of playing will enable ASA to reach fans in other parts of the world, that are currently wanting to see ASA play live, but are unable to. We feel this will be the next best thing, as you will be able to interact with us, just as if you were here for the show in person!

So get your ticket NOW! Visit this link:, and reserve your space today. Remember, the show is at 12:00PM CST – so CALCULATE what time that will be for you!!

See you on StageIt!!

ASA to Host LIVE STREAMING Concerts to FANS!

Posted: April 26, 2014 by Scott Martinez in Uncategorized

Alice Sweet Alice is excited to announce that we will be able to play LIVE to fans all over the world!  You will be able to watch at home or on the go, via your laptops, computers or portable media devices (androids, iPhones, tablets, etc.)  These shows will be broadcast in HD!

Each show will be broadcast live, and will be a UNIQUE, EXCLUSIVE concert to all who tune in.  PLUS, viewers will be able to talk to the band in between songs. The first couple of shows will start as a PAY WHAT YOU CAN, and then we will charge a small ticket price, with only a limited amount of tickets per show!  

Just think, we might play a song request by someone just out of the blue on one show, and it may not happen again, so that is why each show will be unique! 

Here’s how it works according to the Stageit folk: Start by going to our page and signing up for a FREE account:

When ASA announces a show, you will click the link we post and then click the GET TICKET button.You will then have an opportunity to purchase credits (which Stageit calls “Notes” ; 10 Notes = $1.00). Notes allow you to pay for tickets to see shows and to tip performers during the show. This show is “Pay What You Can,” which means you can pay whatever you can afford (minimum 1 Note). Once you have Notes, they can be used for any show!

Alice Sweet Alice will post more information about the first show, but it should happen within a couple of weeks from this post.  We just have some more details to work out – the most important being sound.  We want it to sound great for you all, as well as look good!

See you on the stage!