Day to day musings of ASA – Our New Blog

ASA has decided to join the world of blogging because we have lots to talk about and lots of people to talk with!  The 140 Character limit of Twitter is fun, but can be very time-consuming and sometimes frustrating when you’re trying to get your point across.  The fact is, I like running my mouth, my fingers, and I enjoy typing!  So some of what I post here may be of interest to some, but all of it will be a record of what we do on a day to day basis to run this ever-growing machine that Alice Sweet Alice is promising to become.

Most recently, ASA was in the studio (November 18th), recording 3 more songs for our upcoming album (still as of yet untitled), and we have been overdubbing, mixing, and getting a video together.  IT WILL be ready by December 1st.  Sometimes I have to light a fire under my ass to get anything done.  Sometimes it causes sleepless nights, and self-loathing, but nevertheless, it makes me take things more serious.  I’m old enough to know how my brain ticks.

So, that’s all I have to say for now, other than please tag along from time to time here, and I promise things will get more interesting.  I am also going to try and rope other ASA members into sharing their random thoughts from time to time.  Certainly, they couldn’t be much worse than mine!

Cheers, Scott


2 thoughts on “Day to day musings of ASA – Our New Blog

  1. Please try to convince your band mates to come along and share their inner working thoughts with us. It’s always great fun to know how it’s all about because it gives fans a better view of the working process. And what about some Instagram pics. These little snap shots are so valuable.
    And btw don’t worry, I’m pretty talkative sometimes too either in French or in English. It highly depends on my mood of the day or the state of sleep deprivation I’m in.
    WP is a fantastic medium for blogging 🙂

    1. I totally will! And definitely pictures, video and audio too! I will have to look into Instagram; I currently use Photobucket, but it would be good to start anew!

      We love your comments and suggestions so please keep them coming!
      Scott, ASA

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