Bands & The Music Industry “Hustle”

That’s right.  Many hip hop artists call the music industry a “Hustle”.  Is this unfounded?  Alice Sweet Alice, this past October, started running our own events we call “ASA Masquerades”, costume parties with music and entertainment.  For these events, we look for quality bands, and we give the opportunity to bands to sell tickets to make extra money.  We split the proceeds with the bands 50/50 or 60/40, depending on the ticket price.  Plus, the bands get an equal cut of the door at our events.  One of the bands at our Halloween 2012 event made $200 for their efforts!  That’s not bad scratch for any band these days.  MOST IMPORTANTLY: ticket selling ISN’T REQUIRED!  The most important thing to us, is quality music at our events.

In organizing our most recent event for Mardi Gras, one of the bands called selling tickets “a hustle”.  Well, in some ways they’re right.  Here’s the definition:

HUSTLE – Merriam Webster Dictionary:

  1. to obtain by energetic activity <hustleup new customers>
  2. to sell or promote energetically and aggressively <hustlinga new product>
  3. to make strenuous efforts to obtain especially money or business

These types of bands expect others to do the promotion for them and then complain at the end of it if there is not a good turnout, saying it was somebody else’s fault.  I’ve heard it a million times:  “all of the people that were there WE brought!”, “if that promoter would have done HIS job, we would have made more money!” “That venue needs to advertise more!!

Well, in all fairness, some of that is true.  We believe that EVERYONE involved with an event should put in 110%.  The most important thing, is to give your fans and patrons value for the price of admission.  Most importantly, quality of music and an overall engaging night.

The #1 priority of ALL of our events, is to only get hard-working bands on board that work hard in the rehearsal studio AND in the business of the music business on board – bands that want to honestly entertain as many people as possible, and be involved with other bands that are like-minded.

The ones that complain and don’t want to get involved, frankly are doing us a favor by not wanting to be involved. It’s not fair to the other bands involved that are willing to go the extra mile.

Bands with attitudes like this will always be hobbyists with day jobs.  Weekend warriors.  Bands that want to rise above the noise have to do it better, work harder, and take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way in order to even come close to making it.

Certainly, there are more dubious descriptions of the word “Hustle”, but if somebody says, “sheesh, that ASA, they’re a bunch of hustlers!”

I’ll say, you’re right!  And I promise our fans one thing.  We will never stop hustling for you, to bring our music to your ears, and our performances to your towns.  We will not stop hustling to make you proud of us as a band.  We will not stop hustling to write better and better music, because we want our music to be the soundtrack of your lives!

Scott, “The Hustler”


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