Blood Borne Radio – Mandala Review

Blood Borne Radio – Mandala Review

Posted on December 27, 2012

In my never ending quest for the best in underground rock, I’ve been fortunate and sometimes lucky with the music I come across. I’ll admit, being the host of Blood Borne Radio has helped that search quite a bit. “Alice Sweet Alice” is just one example of the unique and engaging bands I’ve been able to have on the show. With as much as I love mainstream rock music, I’ve come to the understanding over the years, eventually, a great deal of it starts to sound the same. It seems, to me anyway, mainstream record labels find something in a band they like, and make them do the same thing over and over. This is great for them, as it becomes the selling point of the band. Bad for the listener, as they never get a chance to fully appreciate everything a band can do. This is what fuels my desire for underground music. Underground bands have a drive and desire that many mainstream bands unfortunately lack, once they’ve become mainstream.

Alice Sweet Alice brings that passion, and drive that pulls me in and makes me want to listen. With a unique sound and feel to each song they perform, the listener is always getting something different. From melodic blues, to hardcore punk, just one ASA CD can cover damn near every emotion. As I sat and listened to this CD, I could think of only one phrase that seem to fit what I was hearing, and that is simply, “ear candy”.

Alice Sweet Alice CD “Mandala” 2011 Cauldron Soundwerx

Track Listing:

1) 21st Century Slavery

2) Burden of Truth

3) Full Circle

4) Undone

5) 3 Tides

6) Falling Under

7) Broken Mirror

Alice Sweet Alice is:

Scott Martinez, Bass/Vocals
Ali Kat, Keys/Vocals
Billy Brown, Drums/Vocals
Ron Bales, Guitars

Now for something completely different. Alice Sweet Alice is nothing you expected, and everything you wanted it to be. Here you will find a variety of melodies and sounds you’re just not going to find anywhere else. I discovered something about this CD that I find a little perplexing. My ears understood that I was listening to new music, but my brain was telling me it was something familiar, even comfortable. Something that seemed to have the power to help me remember better days. Being the youngest in my family, and separated from my brothers and sister for many years, my musical taste was often very different from what they might have been listening to. However, on the rare occasion I wasn’t being the pain in the ass little brother, both my brother and sister would allow me to sit with them, and listen to music from time to time. This CD, brought me back to those days.

The music is something new and different, and at the same time has the ability to hold on to a classic rock feel. The lyrics, and story behind them have a way of transporting you to a better time. A time less chaotic, more relaxed. A time when music itself made you want to stand up for something. Alice Sweet Alice delivers all that and more with this CD, and I’m happy to say it’s just one chapter in a story that will unfold within your mind. “Mandala” gets a 5 out of 5 star rating from this DJ, and a definite recommendation of a CD you’ll want to have in your collection. Keep it up ASA, I can’t wait to hear more!

Chase Knightly

Blood Borne Radio


Happy Holidays from ASA!!

Happy Holidays from ASA!!

The love and support of our fans is like a gift that keeps on giving. So, a huge THANK YOU to you all!

And a special thank you to Lauren, our France Street Team lead for the yummy treats~~! I promise to share with the guys no matter how tempted I get. 🙂

Ali Kat