REPOST from Facebook: Alice Sweet Alice 2012 Singularity Tour – WHAT A FUN RIDE!

Alice Sweet Alice 2012 Singularity Tour – WHAT A FUN RIDE!

Wow! Almost 4000 miles later and a lot of stories to tell. Last night at the Czar Bar, Alice Sweet Alice wrapped up our Singularity Tour and had a wonderful time! It was an honor to have KKFI’s own Arjay introduce us and give our tour such a nice send off. Deco Auto came out with short notice during their busy schedule and did not disappoint, and it was such a pleasure meeting and playing with the talented Daymoths from Minnesota two nights in a row (and whom we will visit in the not-so-distant future!)

I just wanted to take a moment to thank the supporters, venues and bands that accompanied us along the way. Our journey started in March when Alice 102 invited us to perform on their float during the 2012 Snake Parade in NKC, which they collected a first place prize for! A special thanks to Thom McGinty and Shorty for being so gracious and personable during the event, and for all of your support! The following week at The Granada in Lawrence, ASA officially kicked off the tour and it was a really cool, “new” type of event with vendors, raffle and everyone that came out to support was greatly appreciated! Paul Chandler of Kansas City Local Artist Radio MC’d the event and it was promoted and attended by The Girls LLC, and vendors Evil Pawn Jewelry, The Rest Stop Sports Massage, Veronica’s Veil, Dreamkeepers Photo and Silver Starlets all came out that night, and of course the talented bands Jolly Roger, Eleven After and Knot Afrayed for all bringing it that night. An extra special thank you to Knot Afrayed for coming out during the Snake Parade and helping promote by passing out flyers.
Thank you goes out to The Crack Fox in Saint Louis with consummate hostess Carrie, along with Ockum’s Razor and Fer De Lance and the loony Typewriter Tim (sans diaper thank goodness)! In Nashville, a big thanks to Rock Bar on Broadway for having us and to Crash for taking care of us during our visit. Nashville’s own Rising from Ruin played their first show and brought down the house, and one of our favorite Missouri bands Funkee Noosa met us there and thoroughly entertained. We played again with “The Noosa” the next night in Springfield at Nathan P. Murphy’s with kick ass Springfield band Far From It and got to meet our host: the legendary Dr. Bob!

Back up to KC for a Riot Room show with fellow Cauldron Soundwerx Productions artists Sarmatian Night who are seriously kicking ass right now, the talented From The West, The Neverhawks, and Suicide Theory. What a fun show that was and great to be back here in KC for a brief reprieve!Back down south, the folks in Little Rock at Vino’s were welcoming and generous, and the bands The Supporting Cast, The Monastics and The Sesh were friendly and fun to play with; Angelina at the legendary Check Point Charlie’s in New Orleans took good care of us, and thank you to Love Story’s End for driving up from Biloxi and New Orleans own Zero Dialect for rocking out during our set! The Buccaneer in Memphis was quirky and tiny as expected, but southern hospitality is alive and well with the bands and music lovers that were there with us that night: Bird’s Eye View and Impeccable Miscreants did not disappoint!

Up in Omaha at Side Door Lounge, we had a great night, and met our new friends Daymoths on their 2012 US Tour and blazed back home to KC to wrap it up in our hometown at Czar Bar.Other sincere thanks must go to Alice 102, KKFI, SLAM Radio and Project Backstage for your help in promotion, Channel 6 TV in Lawrence, and the loons down at Big Dumb Fun Show for putting up with our antics! Especially valuable to us, is again, Paul and Renee Chandler for their undying and loyal support of not only Alice Sweet Alice, but the entire Kansas City music scene as a whole. Thanks also to Anthony Scott and the team at Cauldron Soundwerx Productions.

The biggest thanks goes out to all the friends and fans we have made along the entire journey. Without you, it would not have been NEARLY as fun!

Watch for ASA’s new album and videos dropping in early 2013! Time for the hard work to REALLY begin!

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ASA Played New Orleans on June 1st, 2012.
ASA Played New Orleans on June 1st, 2012.

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