Goodbye 2012. Hello 2013.

Alice Sweet Alice wants to say thank you, 2012, for a great year.  Let’s reflect back, shall we?

1. We started off the year getting nominated for best alt rock band/album in the Midwest Music Awards through Project Backstage…which was a fantastic surprise in itself.  We love our community and the support we have had all year.

2. We performed in our first ever parade courtesy of Alice 102.1 FM KCKC.

3. We completed our first ever ASA Tour performing in cities such as New Orleans, Memphis, Little Rock, St. Louis, Springfield, Omaha, Nashville, Lawrence, and of course our hometown of KC.

4.We successfully ran our first ever annual ASA Masquerade.  

5. We gained Street Teams in South Africa, France, Brazil, Germany, UK, Ireland, Haiti, Texas,….Gosh I hope I didn’t forget any.  

6. We got several humbling reviews for our album, Mandala.

7. We began working with some pretty fantastic music industry peeps which have helped us evolve.

8.  We reached 10,000+ fans across the world!!!

9. We reached #1 alt rock band in KC per Web Buzz (Deli Magazine KC)

10. We received awesome email/photos from fans all around the world sporting ASA’s logo in support of us…including one fan who did so in form of a tattoo. {special shout out to Tino! You rock my friend!}

 -Well, I’m sure I am forgetting something major here but my point is that we had a fantastic year…..


Please, stick with us for our upcoming journey into 2013!  We are planning a new album release, new merch/swag, new music videos, and much more fun to be had! 🙂  

Happy New Year to you all!  


-ali kat



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