Want to be in ASA’s Next Video?

We had an idea for this new song we wrote called “AROUND THE WORLD”.  We would love to get fan involvement in the video, and wanted to see what kind of interest there is!

We are looking to get footage of our fans in their home towns & countries, listening to the song and dancing/singing along.  You would need to record the footage in HD, OR THE BEST QUALITY YOU CAN, and send it to us online.  We will put segments into the video, along with footage of us playing the song.

We are looking for scenes in front of your national landmarks, so it is apparent where you are. Although we will take any kind of footage of you partying and having fun too.  

We will send the mixed song to interested parties, along with the lyrics if you want to learn them and video yourselves singing along.  .  

This video will be distributed internationally, so this is your chance to be captured forever as part of ALICE SWEET ALICE’s family.

Interested parties can comment here on our blog, or contact Alice Sweet Alice directly via email: contact@alicesweetalice.org, or on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/alicesweetalice.

Once we get the song recorded, there will be a STRICT deadline, so get in touch with us NOW, so you are first in line!

We hope to hear from you soon.  Thanks ASA Army!


2 thoughts on “Want to be in ASA’s Next Video?

    1. Hey William! Right on! Thank you! I see you’re in Missouri, what part? I have written your name and email down and we will probably get this sent out to people the first weekend of February.
      Talk soon my friend! I hope you can get a group of friends together & have fun. Let me know what ideas you have. Best, Scott

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