ASA Fans Go Above and BEYOND!

I know I brag on our fans a lot, but one of ASA’s fans from London, Paul Harris (@pathrs) England took it upon himself to contact a large local radio station that serves the UK, and get the details for us – so we could send our materials in. —>We did not ask Paul to do this!<— This is something that is sometimes very hard for us to do from our end, and just the fact that Paul took the initiative to do this on our behalf is just so incredibly cool, I cannot express my thanks in mere words. ALSO, Paul picked up his telephone and CALLED ME to tell me about it and give me the information! It was quite a pleasant surprise!

It is things like this, efforts that fans make for ASA, in addition to the hard work that we as a band put in on a daily basis, that will make any success we achieve a mutually rewarding prize. We are so fortunate to have such an active and selfless fanbase, and it just makes us want to work even harder to make you all proud.

Thank you Paul, and everyone else that supports Alice Sweet Alice. You give us strength, purpose, and motivation!! šŸ˜€

Sincerely, Scott, ASA


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