ASA Needs Your Help to finish “Ribbons & Stone”!



Probably the MOST IMPORTANT thing that ASA has going on these next 30 days (besides a handful of live performances) is our KICKSTARTER program, to help fund our newest chapter “RIBBONS & STONE”

Our goal is to get $5,000 by the end of the 30 days, and we cannot get a single penny unless we reach that benchmark.  If you support local music, and have an inclination to purchase anything of Alice Sweet Alice’s in the future – NOW is when we need your financial support – and you STILL will receive some VERY VERY cool things, that in some cases – you may not otherwise be able to EVER get!

In addition to standard ASA gear, and PRE-RELEASE copies of our new album “Ribbons & Stone” (before anyone else can get it), we have things like:

  • Music gear actually used during the recording of our new album;
  • The opportunity to have ASA play at your own home and party;
  • Handwritten lyric sheets from our new album or any ASA song of your choice;
  • Hand  made t-shirts by Ali Kat, personalized just for YOU!
  • And MORE!

We are needing money not only for transportation, lodging and food while we tour (hopefully in YOUR city) to support “Ribbons & Stone”, but for things like:

  • 2 Videos we are producing for the record, one of which deals with POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER (PTSD) that many soldiers and service people suffer from. We hope that this video helps spread the message of this devastating condition and helps create awareness to help our Heroes. We have an organization called “Tempered Steel” on board, and a few actual soldiers are wanting to be in this video.
  • Mastering of our album. Mastering will help this album sound the best it can possibly be, and be ear candy for you as a listener.  Mastering is the final polish put on a recording, and helps even out levels, bass, treble and other things throughout the entire album. It helps prepare all of the separate songs to be released as a collection on an album. A good mastering job, can mean the difference between an album becoming a hit, or being totally ignored – but the main reason we don’t want to skimp on this, is because WE LOVE OUR MUSIC, and want it presented to you as best as it can possibly be!
  • Day to day costs of operating as a band, like our yearly and monthly charges for our websites, and incidentals like new strings, drumsticks, drum heads and other supplies that help us work.

In closing, we ask one final thing.  If YOU cannot financially contribute to our program, we TOTALLY understand! We only ask that you share this post with someone that can and will! Any friend of yours who loves to support up and coming, grassroots music – maybe a philanthropist looking for a new project – or simply someone that will love to help.  We will be incredibly grateful.

Let me reiterate. We need you NOW. Again, if there is any time that you were EVER thinking of supporting ASA, please make a donation you can live with.  It will mean everything to us.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and help us out!  FOR MORE INFORMATION, the link to visit and watch our video, read about more rewards, and DONATE is below!
Sincerely, Scott, Alice Sweet Alice




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