Alice Sweet Alice – Gaining Ground with Local Support

It’s been a long and winding road, for whatever reason, with ASA and our local Kansas City scene’s support.  For the past year, that has seemed to change.  ASA was honored to take the stage and be nominated for 3 awards (Best Female Vocalist, Best Alternative Band, and Best Album) at the 2013 Midwest Music Awards run by Project Backstage.  They had some things to say about ASA which are very rewarding to us.  Firstly, upon their reasoning’s for having us on the bill – just prior to the show:

KC’s own Alice Sweet Alice was selected after their CD was sent to us last year and we were super impressed.  Literally while we were listening to review said CD, they were featured on 102.1 Alice FM (no pun) and have been a regular in rotation on that station.  Being a female fronted band in any market can present unique challenges but Alice Sweet Alice cuts through them and just does exactly what they do, and do it very well.  Just this past St. Patrick’s Day weekend, they played on the Alice 102 FM float in the parade in Kansas City.  Achievements that this band has reached are numerous and impossible to list in a small paragraph just trying to outline our choice to have them perform this year but even after touring and seeing other markets, they are proud of the Kansas City market and are very vocal on wanting to see all the musicians in the area succeed.

 And following our performance that night, they had this to say:

Alice Sweet Alice got to take the stage 3rd in the lineup.  This band is without a doubt one of the most underrated bands in all of Kansas City.  They have massive popularity Worldwide and they showed why on stage with a monstrosity sound that is full and rich, and with timing that is second to none.  The setlist in our opinion was perfect on how each song just flowed from one to the next without having that “trainwreck” feel that you will sometimes get in live performances.  Alice Sweet Alice showed exactly what they constantly preach in more words on their Facebook, but that is reach for perfection.

 We want to thank everyone in the Kansas City area for turning your eyes and ears towards us – it really does mean A LOT!

—Scott, on behalf of Alice Sweet Alice




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