Commercial Radio Station in KC TEARS DOWN BANNER of Local Radio Station

This is EVERYTHING that is wrong with some local music scenes. Tonight at a benefit for tornado victims in Kansas City, an employee of 96.5 THE BUZZ (a DJ who goes by the handle “SLIM FAST”) tore down a banner from Kansas City Local Artists Radio Show, a show that supports local music. If you support local music, visit one of these pages and ask them why?  Also, after we initially posted this on Facebook, the posts were taken down.  Ask them about that too!  Apparently they do not support freedom of speech either!



6 thoughts on “Commercial Radio Station in KC TEARS DOWN BANNER of Local Radio Station

    1. Was the banner supposed to be where it was? Was it blocking the 96.5 banner? Given how much of an over-estimation “losing their minds on Facebook” is, it wouldn’t surprise me if his action was also made out to be more than it really is.

      1. Did you not see the photo? Where the tape on the railing is where the banner WAS. The banner was placed BESIDE the Buzz’ banner, and BOTH stations had license to be down there. Rock Star “Journalist” REALLY needs to practice more responsible JOURNALISM and get your facts straight before you start spouting off at the mouth. Also, we have photos of them removing banners at other events. They admitted it on air today, and apologized. So your defense of their actions is MOOT.

  1. @Save965TheBuzz is not affiliated with KRBZ, it’s a fan running the account. So getting facts straight is something you should do aswell

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