Honored to be among those….

Honored to be among those....

who have spoken with the famous Tony Bongiovi. The attached photo is a picture of my phone’s caller ID after I got off the phone. Mr. Bongiovi spoke to me a year ago during writing sessions for “Ribbons & Stone”. We used his advice in constructing some of our songs and really think he helped us in many ways. I was reading an article from Pro Audio Review, discussing the original Pultec EQ’s, and the history behind. The final paragraph brought my own experience with Bongiovi to mind:

….”one interesting footnote from the end of the Pultec saga: After halting productin in 1981, Gene Shenk got a call from Tony Bongiovi of NYC’s Power Station> Bongiovi wanted some Pultecs but Shenk told them he wasn’t making them any more. Bongiovi was insistent, but Shenk refused to gear up for a small order. When Bongiovi told Shenk he wanted at least 75 EQs (!), Shenk decided it was worth his while. That final production run netted 24 units (mostly EQP-1A3s) for each of Power Station’s three control rooms. (As of 2013, there are still eight Pultecs in each control rom, according to engineer Jim Anderson.)”

I can, from personal experience, relate to how persuasive Mr. Bongiovi can be. Alice Sweet Alice’s songs became much more concise and focused due to his advice – we went from an average of 4-5 minutes to 3-4 minutes per song. For that, we thank him. 🙂

Click the photo to hear samples of some of what he inspired: