ASA Touches the heroine of “M.I.A.” By Telling Her Story

I got a very very cool message in my inbox today, totally out of the blue. Alice Sweet Alice‘s song “M.I.A.” was discovered via a comment we left on the story page by a friend of Peggy Harris, the lady who we wrote the song about. We dreamed of having Mrs. Harris hear the song we wrote about her and her husband, and it happened. Read this note, and then listen to the song if you care to.

I’m a close friend of Peggy Harris, and I was so delighted to find your comment on Heroes and to hear your beautiful tribute. In fact, I found it only late last night. Here’s the interesting part. I drove Peggy to an airport 45 miles away from our small town so she could fly to California to attend her last surviving sister’s funeral.While we waited, we listened to your song, which touched her deeply. She asked me to write you on her behalf. She would like to contact you later after her trip. She said your lyrics perfectly express her experience. Also, she wants you to know her sister was a music teacher for 72 years, so it’s fitting that she heard your music the day she left to say goodbye to her. (I posted this message as a comment on the Heroes page.)Thank you for sharing! I’m going straight to iTunes to find your music after I sign off. Becky Alison Rogers Lay

CBS Story:



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