Scott Discusses his Bass Rig for 2014

I’ve really been focusing on dialing in my bass rig for the 2014 touring season. I have totally set up & modded my main basses — Fender P-bass, Squier (Standard) Jazz Bass (with new Fender electronics), and Dean Edge 5 string (with Bartolini pups) – and have them all fitted with my endorsee strings by MJC Iron Works.

I have also gotten my Ampeg BA-115 dialed and am moving to complete pedal boardeffects, including a new Aphex Bass Xciter, TC Electronic Nova Dual Compressor/Noise Gate, my Electro-Harmonix pedals: Bass Big Muff Pi, Bassballs, Small Clone, #1 Echo, Micro Pog (along with my Korg Pitchblack Tuner and Ernie Ball Volume Pedal).

I’ve also learned how to install pots (soldering), and fix the action, intonation and just all the setup goodies. I’m good for the road and should be sounding better than ever. I’ve never put this much work, time, thought and effort into my rig for playing live. It’s about time. 

With a new suite of songs cooking in the Alice Sweet Alice kitchen, I’m starting to get VERY excited about this year’s touring season. Now, to get a tow hitch mounted on the ASA Tour Van. We’ll be bringing help this time!


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