ASA Plays LIVE to International Audience – ONLINE! May 11th

Alice Sweet Alice (ASA) is VERY excited about this new chapter we are beginning, especially for reaching out to our INTERNATIONAL AUDIENCE!

On Sunday, May 11th at 12:00 NOON CST (USA time), ASA will broadcast LIVE for the first time from our recording studio and play for 30 minutes, perhaps more. During the show, we will talk to audience members. During the show, you will have an opportunity to TIP the band, for your chance at winning prizes!! Prizes will include:

1) your choice of ONE complete ASA album to download, out of the 4 full albums we have: Ribbons & Stone, Mandala, Moloko & Ultraviolence, and First Light

2) A private one-on-one SKYPE session with your favorite band member!

3) You get to help write the set list for the NEXT StageIt Broadcast!

(and we are coming up with more.)

All YOU need to do, is sign up for a FREE account at:, and then visit ASA’s page. You will find this show link there:

    There are a LIMITED SUPPLY of tickets for this show!!!

Please get yours ASAP if you want to attend. We are keeping it small due to the fact that we may be working out some kinks. We will use the feedback from our audiences for future broadcasts. So this is your way to get involved with the process! Also for this fact, this show is only $1. Future shows will cost more for a ticket, more like seeing a band out in a club – except you won’t have to drive all the way downtown, fight for parking, and buy expensive drinks at the venue. You can sit at home, or a place of your choice, and watch the show on your LAPTOP, SMARTPHONE, TABLET or iPHONE/Apple Devices.

Each show will NEVER be rebroadcast/recorded. In other words, it is truly a live, once-in-a-lifetime event. We may even take requests during the show to TOP TIPPERS! All this talk about tipping does not mean tipping is a requirement, only if you want to. The only thing that is required, is that you tune in and watch! 🙂

This way of playing will enable ASA to reach fans in other parts of the world, that are currently wanting to see ASA play live, but are unable to. We feel this will be the next best thing, as you will be able to interact with us, just as if you were here for the show in person!

So get your ticket NOW! Visit this link:, and reserve your space today. Remember, the show is at 12:00PM CST – so CALCULATE what time that will be for you!!

See you on StageIt!!


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