Alice Sweet Alice’s Collaboration Series

I am taking care of my Father during the last days of his life.  This experience has reinforced the notion that life is short, and that I am not getting any younger.  Why does this relate to this new “Collaboration Series?”  This is why.

Alice Sweet Alice has been rocking together, the lineup of Scott Martinez, Ali Kat, Ron Bales and Billy Brown since late 2010.  This lineup produced some really great music, music that I believe that all members can always be proud of.  But as the band leader, I found myself wanting more.  Something different – something without constraints.  Something that didn’t necessarily take others’ tastes, desires, needs and wants into account.  These others include radio, magazines, record companies, the music industry, and even our fans.

Fundamentally, I have always created music for myself – as many artists do.  MUSICIANS on the other hand, are not ALL artists.  The best art is sometimes created from a place that is not comfortable.  Over the past few years, we have listened to many people, including Artist Management companies, and I think I started compromising my initial ideals about creating music – to be able to “compete” in the industry.  During this process, especially over the past year or so, Alice Sweet Alice became “comfortable”, and as a result, I decided to open it up for collaboration – to get the creative juices flowing.  Some of the members decided to go their separate ways – with no animosity, and that is fine.  One will possibly continue to collaborate and the other will likely not.

What I hope to achieve by this, is to go back to creating music that I love.  The music might not ever see the light of day, some of it might end up on the stage, and some of it might actually go somewhere.  I don’t know – but I’m not going to focus on that.  As far as collaborators are concerned, if some of them want to continue to work under the ASA banner, we will cross that bridge when and if it happens.

I decided, that in this “NEW” music industry, the changes and likelihood of actually “MAKING IT” (whatever your definition of that might be), is highly unlikely.  But does that matter to me?  Fundamentally NO.  I feel like I have much that many musicians on the road wish that they had – and I have the opportunity now to forget all that and make – with other passionate souls – some of the best music of my life.

“Sit With Me”, the first song from this series is released on October 24th,  I composed this song during an especially difficult time with my father, who is terminally ill, and it came from a real place of pain and melancholy.  I am in Northern California, and the town where I live there are many more homeless people than I remember being in this area from 10 years ago – when I previously lived in the area.  I started thinking of my own battle with alcohol, and how close I came to the same fate, and imagined what that could have been like.  I started thinking of my “geographic cures” of moving from place to place around the country – like a gypsy, and realized that in some ways, I have been homeless for a long time.  Switching places looking for a new start at life.  So the gypsy theme plays strong within the song, as do the lyrics and story.

When I first got to California, I was in dire need of setting up a home studio, and I went on Craigslist to find some studio monitors.  An artist by the name of Taylor Aglipay had a pair, and so he and I met that way.  I looked him up on Bandcamp and liked what he did.  We resolved to collaborate, and “Sit With Me” is the result.  Totally created from an inspired, organic place, without any thought or regard to anything but making it come to life.

I went out on a limb creating this song, and I really love it.  It is different from anything than I have ever done.  I may or may not create something like it again, but who knows?  I had a lot of fun, and that’s the whole point.  I hope some of ASA’s fans like it but if you don’t, that is OK.  I will love you anyway, and I’m sure we will create something you will love and recognize stylistically in the not so distant future. Remember, I created this for me. If you want to take a listen to it – watch over the next 24 hours for the announcement and link.

Thanks for reading.

Scott, Alice Sweet Alice


here is the link to the song:


2 thoughts on “Alice Sweet Alice’s Collaboration Series

  1. I think this is cool. Thanks for keeping me updated. Hope your father gets well soon. Is that song unmended available any where?? I have the cd. But I want to post that one song is that ok?? I hope we can do another show together soon. We will be putting out out second album out in the near future ! Keep rocking my friends !

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